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European Classical Cakes

This section focuses on European Desserts which are world-renown and form the basis for many of our modern pastries.

Basics & Fundamentals of pastry arts.

A basic but extensive introduction to the world of fine pastries.

Baking with Chocolate & More!

This section focuses on making desserts with one of the most celebrated ingredients known – chocolate. Sometimes humorously referred to as a food group.

The World Of Cookies

This course could sound more like a science lesson and in a way, it is. Many people can make cookies and they even taste good. But to know how to make perfect cookies every time, and to know how each type of cookie should taste requires another skill set.

FULL HD Videos – 2 Camera Angles

Get up close and personal! Chef Marco Ropke showcases 2 x Camera Angles on ALL RECIPES.

PDF Recipes & Course Content

All pastry lessons come with fully converted PDF recipes that you can download, and print to create your own pastry training culinary booklet.

Learn From 25 Years Of Experience

Owner and instructor Chef Marco Ropke is a fourth generation pastry chef from Germany with over twenty five (25) years of international pastry experience.

iPad & Smartphone Friendly – Mobile Friendly Lessons

Learn on your iPad, SmartPhone, or other portable media device. All videos can be viewed on the go!

Don't just listen to us, learn what others think about our school...

It was a great experience having you as an instructor. Thank you for sharing with us all your knowledge and passion for baking and pastry, I leartn so much from you.

One of the best instructors I’ve ever encountered, Chef Marco’s knowledge is extensive and his passion for what he teaches is inspiring. I would highly encourage anyone who has the opportunity to learn from him to do so.

Thank you for the generosity of your time,  the high-quality impeccable ingredients you use, for sharing all of your tools, your incredible knowledge…. I have not met yet such a generous and fine teacher.

Chef Marco is up to date with current trends and imparts his knowledge confidently, in practice and in theory. Thanks for unlocking the door to this wonderful world of baking and pastry!

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