Kitchenaid & Pastry Commercial Mixers

Kitchen Aid & Pastry Mixers

To experience the texture and kneading process we will whisk, knead and mix our doughs and batters by hand and also sometimes smaller quantities in the Kitchen Aid Mixer and larger Volumes in the Large Pastry Mixer.

Kitchen Aid Mixer


Professional Pastry Mixer

Both Mixing Machines come with three attachments, a dough hook or arm for kneading doughs (firm – hard textures), a Pastry Paddle for beating and mixing cake batters or light doughs (soft to firm textures) and a Whisk to whisk up light materials such as Cream, Sabayon, Meringues (light – soft textures).

Dough Hook / Arm

Pastry Paddle



Choose your attachment according to the work which has to be done, using a whisk for a light yeast dough could result in breakage of the whisk.

Never, ever add ingredients to a mixing machine while still in motion, turn off the machine and wait until the machine comes to an complete stop before adding any ingredients to it.

Turn the machine back on at slow speed and once the ingredient is incorporated return to the required kneading or mixing speed.

If it is required to scrape the sides of your mixing bowl in the machine together, stop the machine, wait until it came to a complete stop and then use your rubber spatula for scraping the sides together. Never try to do this while the machine is still in motion and refrain from using your hands to scrap mixing bowls.

Before starting mixing or kneading in any of the Pastry Mixers, ensure that your mixing bowl and attachment is firmly attached on the machine and that the safety hooks are securing the bowl on the machine.

Once finished using the Kitchen Aid or Pastry Mixer, transfer your finished dough or batter into a clean mixing bowl, wash and return the all used Equipments. Minimize the time we spend looking for equipments or tools, after use wash and return.