Pastry Bakery Ovens

Pastry Bakery Ovens

Whenever a Recipe indicates a given baking time and Temperature, take it only as a guide or suggestion.

Every oven bakes differently, get to know your oven and observe for the first few times of usage how your baked goods are reacting in the oven. My oven, here at my school, is especially designed for Bakery / Pastry goods. It is an electric oven, without any air-circulation, which means I don’t have to turn my trays to achieve even browning. Where the Convection and Stove Top oven maybe require a occasional turning of the trays to achieve an evenly colored Pastry or Bread.

Unless you are using a recipe developed for convention ovens, you should reduce the suggested oven temperature by 25 degrees and reduce the baking time by 10 to 20 percent.

Ovens are shared many times, be aware of what is baking inside the oven before open the door, don’t open the oven doors when, for example, Soufflés, Puff Pastry, Sponges are in the oven. The created draft of cold air when the doors are open will surely deflate the baked goods inside.


Same goes for temperature adjustments, don’t change the temperature while baked goods are still in the oven (unless the recipe asks for it).



Try not to rely on the stated baking time, observe what’s happening inside the oven and check frequently, take your goods out off the oven when they are ready not when the time given in a recipe is expired.