Recipe Conversions

Recipe Conversions

All written recipes are not only formulas but also ingredients amounts and recipe yields. When executing a recipe, more often than not you may desire a different (new) yield, either less or more than the recipe yield, which means you’ll need to gather different amount of ingredients, either less or more than the recipe amounts.

To determine these amounts, you need to find the ratio factor and multiply this factor to each recipe ingredient amount.


The recipe conversion formula is:


  •   Conversion Ratio Factor = New (desired) yield


Recipe yield


For example, if the recipe for a cake yields 4 kg (or even 4 pieces, depending on you knowledge of what size of ‘piece’ the recipe refers to) and I want to make 8 kg (piece), logic tells me I’ll need double the amount of each recipe ingredients (8/4 = 2 CRF).

If I want to make only 2 kg (or pieces), then I’ll need only half the amount of recipe ingredients (2/4 = 0.5 CRF).

How do I convert a recipe which yield is stated in slice, piece or cake?

If it doesn’t mention the exact measurements of the stated yield it can’t be properly converted as the volume where the cake was baked is unknown.



It always helps for future reference to write down an exact yield on each recipe in either metric or imperial (i.a. one recipe produces 3 kg / 6 lbs of pound cake, one crème Brulee recipe produces 2 lit / 4 pints) or in exact dimension of the volume used (i.a. one recipe produces 6 pound cakes of 6” x 2”, one crème Brulee recipe produces 32 ramekins of 2” diameter.